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1. ABCs of Social Justice
Presenter: Lauren Bailey, Pax Christi USA


This workshop will describe the basic principles of social justice based on Catholic Social Teaching. Participants will explore these basic principles directed at the local parish community and how to incorporate them into daily parish life through liturgy, social mission, cooperation with other like-minded groups, and otherwise.

2. Same Mission, Different Ministries: Lessons from a Century of Service and Change (AM Only)
Presenters: Bill McCarthy, Executive Director, Catholic Charities of Baltimore; Fr. Ray Chase, Pastor, St. Vincent de Paul Church; Greg Conderacci, former Director of Catholic Charities Community Services


Catholic Charities of Baltimore can trace its roots to parish social ministry: St. Vincent de Paul Parish began in 1792, with a church and an orphanage. While its mission to love, advocate, serve and teach has never changed, the needs of those it serves and the challenges of meeting those needs have expanded dramatically. Today, as it celebrates 100 years as an agency, it has evolved in many ways to become one of America’s largest Catholic Charities. This workshop will explore the often-rocky path of how social ministry can innovate to meet the changing needs of the people it accompanies.

3. Who Lives Where: Systemic Racism and the Housing Shortage
Presenters: Matt Hill, Esq., Public Justice Center; Lisa Hodges-Hiken, Esq., NAACP Baltimore

The Baltimore region has seen a boom in construction of luxury housing with government funding. Are we funding segregation? Beyond the Boundaries works for racial and economic diversity in housing with our partners in the Inclusionary Housing Coalition.

4. A Parish Green Team: A New Way of Being Community (AM Only)
Presenters: The Green Team of St. John Evangelist in Columbia, Chairperson Kathleen Valdivia


“Many things have to change course, but it is we human beings above all who need to change. We lack an awareness of our common origin, of our mutual belonging, and of a future to be shared with everyone.” (Pope Francis, Laudato Si). Have you wondered how your parish and community can take up this challenge to care for our common home? Join us to look at ways we can work together for a more sustainable future for all.

5. The Catholic Church’s Response to Racism: How to be Anti-Racist
Presenters: Adrienne Curry, M. Div., Director of the Office of Black Catholic Ministries and Darron Woodus, Pastoral Associate Holy Family (Randallstown)


Racism is not merely one sin among many; it is a radical evil that divides the human family and denies the new creation of a redeemed world. To struggle against it demands an equally radical transformation in our own minds and hearts as well as in the structure of our society. This workshop will look at how the Catholic Church addresses racism through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching, pastoral letters, and other church documents, as well as ways to combat the sin of racism. We will also look at the process of canonization of saints in the Catholic Church.

6. The Relentless Pace of Murder in Baltimore Continues. What Can One Person Do to Help?
Presenters: Yvonne Wenger, Director of Community Affairs, Archdiocese of Baltimore; Jim Casey, Grief Ministry volunteer; Nora Collins, Director, Ignatian Volunteer Corps in Baltimore; & Homicide Survivor Advocates, Baltimore Police Department and Roberta’s House

The Archdiocese of Baltimore’s Grief Ministry works to support victims’ families through a partnership with the Baltimore Police Department and Roberta’s House, a family grief support center. The Grief Ministry will not solve the systemic issues that contribute to the murders, but it does provide an opportunity to live into our Christian call for peacemaking through family-to-family connections channeling compassion, awareness, and prayer to confront the suffering and desolation. This workshop explores the impact the ministry has on volunteers and families served.

7. Accountability is the New Evangelization
Presenter: James Conway, St. Wenceslaus Baltimore


As a faith community we have a framework of evangelizing to people who have very little experience with adversity in the church, but how do we evangelize to those that have been hurt by or have adverse feelings to the church? Who is integral in facilitating this process?

8. Journeying Together with Young People: How to Build an Alive and Authentic Church
Presenters: Rudy Dehaney, Northeast Catholic Community; Nicholas Stein, Bon Secours Young Adults; Stefanie Miles, Archdiocese of Washington


Over the past two years, the USCCB has been journeying together with young adults of different cultural backgrounds to look at how we build a better Church. This session will talk about the journey, its struggles and joys, lessons learned, and steps we should take to address issues across cultural families together with young people.

9. Our Church and Labor: Principles & Practice (PM Only)
Presenters: Clayton Sinyai, Executive Director, Catholic Labor Network; Maryland Catholic Labor Network Leadership Team


Catholic labor leaders, clergy, and advocates will discuss the US Catholic Church’s rich doctrinal basis and history of support for organized labor. As a major non-profit employer, how well does our Churchexemplify good employer practices? Where does it come up short, and can it do better for its employees without diminishing its services to the poor?

10. Maryland Catholic Conference 2023 Legislative Session Update (AM Only)
Presenter: Jenny Kraska, Executive Director, Maryland Catholic Conference

Our faith inspires us to respond to pressing current statewide challenges. We are called to listen, encounter, and work together to promote civility, justice, and a state that welcomes and accompanies those who are most vulnerable and in need. Join us as we discuss the most recent advocacy efforts in the 2023 Maryland Legislative Session and explains how each one of us can make our voices heard.

13. El Real ID (solo por la mañana)
Presentadora: Celina Marquez, Asesora de Politicas, USCCB

Lo que necesita saber sobre la ley del Real ID y las implicaciones para la comunidad indocumentada.

14. Servicios Actualizados de Esperanza Center (solo por la mañana)
Presentadora: Ericka Rocha, Esperanza Center


Venga y aprenda sobre los servicios actualizados de Esperanza Center, quienes sirven a la comunidad de bajos recursos en Baltimore. Esperanza Centers es una rama de Caridades Católicas y su misión es dar la bienvenida a los inmigrantes ofreciéndoles esperanza, servicios compasivos y el poder de mejorar sus vidas.

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